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quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2013

John Kennedy giving a speech at a campaign stop as he ran for President, 1960.

Gym aboard the Titanic, c. 1912

The Kennedy Family in 1919 - Rose, Joe Jr., Rosemary, and John
My grandfather's shop after the Nazi bombardment of Rotterdam, NL (1940)
Pittsburgh coal miners, circa 1900

Hitler's planned HQ for Scotland- Aberdeen's Marischal College c.1900

"Quartieri Spagnoli", a district in Naples, Italy, 1929

John F. Kennedy's U.S. Navy Identification Card ca. 1941

Nuclear bomb fallout shelter on display (1960s)

Tulsa race riot, 1921. The wealthiest black community in the country, known as "The Black Wall Street" is destroyed by white mobs

A recently-found image of astronaut Alan Bean on his base on the moon, November 19th, 1969

Three members of the Ethiopian Zabagna, or gendarmerie, photographed about the time of the Italian invasion in the fall of 1935

WWI, Italian mountain troops carrying a cannon
Aerial shot of the ruins of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany taken by Hein Gorny, 1945-1946

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