Velho Hino

terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

Joseph Goebbels' wedding day with Hitler as best man

The beatles walking back the other way on Abbey Road, 1969

British woman using a bomb grabber to pick up an incendiary bombs, 1940s

LRRP in Vietnam - Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol - reading comic books while waiting for a helicopter  1960s

Rebels mutilate the body of an ÁVH member lynched outside the Communist Party Headquarters during the Hungarian Revolution, October 30th, 1956

 A British/Commonwealth Soldier Falls Victim to Poisonous Gasses During a Battle of The First World War. Date and Location unknown.

A downed Austrian plane in Cevedale del Friuli, Italy, 1916

"The last run of Barney, Gene and Tom, District Fire Department horses" Wash DC. June 15,1925

Jewish Scottish Soldiers outside a Temple in Glasgow during WW1 1914-18

A couple of SS soldiers taking a smoke break, WWII (unknown date

The Beatles meet Muhammad Ali, 1964

Mona Lisa returned to the Louvre after World War II, 1945

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