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quarta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2013

Sno-Cat hangs precariously over Crevasse during Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, November/December 1957

Don Bradman (Cricketing Legend) meets Babe Ruth (Baseball Legend) at a Yankees game in 1932.

German General Anton Dostler is tied to a stake before his execution by a firing squad in the Aversa stockade in Italy, 1945

A production worker protects actor Guido Mannari from the rain with a umbrella in the set of Caligula in the "Killing Machine Scene", the most expensive pornographic film ever made, Rome, Italy, December 1976

The Hindenburg hovering past the Empire State building, 1936

My great Grandfather (third from left) with Mr. and Mrs. Winston Churchill at Government House reception on March 28th 1921 in Jerusalem, Palestine. Emir Abdullah of Transjordan and Sir Herbert Samuel on steps at left of Churchill.

Stjepan Filipović of the socialist Yugoslav Partisans shouts "death to fascism, freedom to the people!" while being hung by Axis forces (1942)
My grandfather on the field with Chiang Kai-
Shek, c. 1950

 "President Lyndon B. Johnson listening to a tape sent by Captain Charles Robb, his son-in-law, from Vietnam, July 1968"

A member of the Afghan Mujahideen, armed with the venerable M
osin rifle, c. 1980s
1923, W.H. Murphy, inventor of bulletproof vest, takes slug
 to the chest from deputy
Ernst Schäfer, famed German hunter & zoologist. He and his team over 3300 specimens of bird over 3 trips, he taught as a Professor in Venezuela, and served as advisor to Belgian King Leopold III. Tibet, 1938.
In a battle against Japanese troops in Guam, a wounded American Marine is loaded onto an 'alligator' tracked amphibious vehicle for evacuation, WWII
Iranian soldiers donning gas masks to protect against Iraqi chemicals advance through a dry riverbed, ca. 1985

A newly married couple leaves the church under a ceremonial arch of Lewis light machine guns, April 1918

Nazi-Turkish Treaty of Friendship. Ankara, June 18, 1941

In the above photo taken on February 25th 1962, Eve Arnold captured a surreal scene: that of Rockwell, flanked by members of his American Nazi Party, listening to Malcolm X’s speech to black Muslims at the International Amphitheater in Chicago. It was an obscure episode in American history, when Rockwell’s white supremacists and Malcolm X’s National of Islam took segregation to its extreme ends and called for independent nations, separated by skincolour.

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